What is military fitness?

MilitaryFitness4U workouts were developed as a version of physical exercise, or “phys”, to keep individuals fit and healthy.

MilitaryFitness4U sessions are fun, equipment based training sessions which cater to YOU no matter what your shape, size or level of fitness. Sessions provide a complete workout and will build up your stamina, strength & general fitness. Gets pulses racing and muscles pumping at a plethora of locations scattered across the UK and Ireland. Led by military or ex-military instructors.


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The first thing you’ll feel at a Military Fitness 4U class, regardless of your ability you’ll be part of a class working together in a class dynamic and still able to achieve individual goals.

Classes are an adapted civilian friendly form of Military physical training, performed outdoors with variety, and quality. We learnt on some of the fittest people on the planet using the landscape, and our knowledge. Our Instructors don’t shout or bark, we lead the class, coach and motivate and above all we make sure a sense of humor is exercised at all times

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Our classes are based upon an ethos of togetherness, everyone in support of each other. The atmosphere of a Militaryfitness4U class and the motivation that our coaches provide has made our classes very popular, with hundreds of people attending every week.

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