Personal Training Bracknell

Thinking of personal training in Bracknell?

Here at Military Fitness 4 U we provide highly effective and low-cost personal training.

We start off by giving you a free 45 minute consultation. This gives us a chance to explore your particular goals and how you want to achieve them. After all, ‘personal’ training should be well and truly personalised, or it won’t be effective. Each client will therefore go through a different routine to fit your specific needs.

Along with a free consultation, our personal training includes free diet guides and lifestyle analysis. After your consultation we carry out fitness tests to check out your current abilities. This means we’ll have a point of comparison later, on when we see how you have progressed.

Our team have a decade’s worth of experience providing such training. We have packages that range from 3 to 5 months, which includes two sessions a week.

Why not try one of our one-off services? This is perfect if you need a push in the right direction and includes one personal training session, fitness tests, tailor-made programmes and diet guides, and a weekly follow up for only £100.

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