Boot Camp in Yorkshire

There are loads of new workouts and fad fitness classes that seem to pop up all the time. A week never goes by without that new ‘must do’ workout that guarantees impressive results, but the truth is, you’re better off sticking to the basics. Boot camp offers you everything from running, weight training and intense workouts that leave you with toned abs and a fitter you.

Military Fitness 4U are Yorkshire’s boot camp specialists that help you to challenge every muscle in your body and your mind at the same time. Boot camp workouts are proven in getting the very best results, regardless of your fitness level and ability. As military physical training professionals, we have worked with and alongside some of the world’s fittest people, enabling us to help you reach those achievable goals. When it comes to being super fit and healthy, you can trust us to transform your overall well-being.

Our dynamic boot camp classes are performed outdoors and we always make sure you have fun along the way. Military Fitness 4U are leaders in coaching and motivating our Yorkshire clients, so they receive the most supportive and enjoyable boot camp experience. As ex and current British Forces soldiers, our friendly fitness and nutrition experts combine humour and expertise whilst you learn. We encourage all of our boot camp clients to support each member of the group throughout our varied and tailored classes, so you feel comfortable, happy and confident when working out.

If you live in Yorkshire and want to join our boot camp, call us today on 07711 066243.

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